Changing of Guard and Home

Great Time


Last breakfast at the hotel. We finished packing, then brought our bags downstairs and checked out. We left our bags there to claim later when we were ready to leave. We walked over to The Green Park. Very quiet this early in the morning. Then we continued to Buckingham Palace, then down The Mall and over to the Horse Guards Parade.

We spoke with a police officer, and found out the guard would be coming from the palace at 10:00 AM instead of 11:00 AM. We waited by the corner of the Mall and Horse Guard road, and the red coated guard came down from the Palace.

From Buckingham Palace

We walked behind them, and watched the guards staring at each other for a while in the Horse Guard Parade grounds.

At the Horse Guard Grounds

From there, we then went back up to the corner and waited for the black coated guards to come back up Horse Guard road. They did, and we had a great head on view of them as they came towards us and turned up the Mall.

Back to Buckingham Palace

We walked behind then and found a spot in the shade behind a pillar in front of the palace. We watched one of the bands come up the Mall.


Next we headed over to the Imperial War Museum to see the Churchill War Rooms and museum. Lots of rooms and hallways, and you could get lost if there were not signs to guide you. A very nice exhibit of Churchill's life and times.

In the museum we were able to see 10 Downing Street. Well, just the door.

It was lunch time, so we headed over to The Lord Moon of the Mall for lunch. You go to the pub to order. When we got back to our table we had to tell the 2 young boys that this was our table since our food was coming to this table. We ate, then walked around, stopping in some souvenir shops and the Tesco that we first stopped in at Trafalgar square a week prior. We saw the golden lady working in the crowd by the sidewalk. Then we walked to The Green Park and sat under a tree for a bit, then walked back to the hotel to retrieve our bags and head to the Green Park tube to catch the subway to Heathrow. At Heathrow we were early, and we could not check in yet. So we stopped at Cafe Nero for water and coffee. After a bit we checked in. My bag cost an additional £65 for being 24 kg. It was a self check in for us as well as our bags. We then saw a Pret A Manger and got supper as take away, as eating in the area was an additional 20%. Then we took a people mover to gate C55. Once there, we waited some more, then boarded the plane.

The flight was a bit turbulent, but I did sleep. I put in one ear plug but I could not find the other. After a bit I checked behind me on my neck pillow and it was there. At Logan our luggage was delayed about 45 minutes. Amy was waiting for us, and took us home. The cats were happy to see us, but now bed time. 21,110 steps for the day.

Thank you London, and Jamie from The Rick Steves Tour group. You made my first trip across the Atlantic Ocean a great and memorable time!