Heading to London

Let's go

Our journey begins

Back in early January 2018, Gwyn and I decided that touring London would be fun. We signed up for the Rick Steves' Best of London 7 days in August 2018. This is our journey.

I woke up Friday morning at 4:00 AM with Gwyn. I could not go back to sleep as I was so excited that we were heading to London!

I dropped Charlotte off at Collette's to have her headlights replaced, and then headed to Starbucks for breakfast. Back home, I worked remotely, but that was hard since I was so excited!

We left the house about 5:30 PM. Amy (Gwyn's daughter-in-law) drove us in to Logan. No traffic to speak of, and in we went. We arrived at Logan Airport, checked in, went through security quickly (did not have to remove shoes or belt) and went to supper at Durgin Park. Then, we waited since our flight was at 10:50 PM. Some guy for the Air France flight was finishing his sandwich at the next gate as they were telling him to get on the plane since it was leaving. Kind of rude. Anyways, we got on our plane. We had just the 2 seats next to the window which was nice. Nobody next to us. I put on my mask and my earplugs, along with my neck pillow and blanket, and tried to sleep. I dozed some, but did not really sleep. The flight was nice, not really turbulent. I took my mask off about 3:30 AM my time, since it was light outside. There was a 3D display of our flight on the seat monitor, so we could watch our progress.We flew over Ireland and landed at 10:00 am. As our plane descended into Heathrow Airport, one of the flight attendants told us of the different things we were flying over. Saw the London Eye from the air, as well as tons of row houses.

We departed the plane, and then walked to customs. We had to fill out a landing card that we gave to the customs officer as well as our passports. Really nice and funny bloke. That process went really quick. Down to baggage reclaim to get our waiting bags. Stopped at the ATM to get £200 each, then out into the world of London!

We stopped at the Costas in the airport for some breakfast. Then to the Tube. From the airport we needed to take the Piccadilly line to Cockfosters. Our stop was Green Park. About an hour later, we got off the tube. The ride could have been the Green Line, going under ground, stopping in neighborhoods. We found a Tube person, and he gave us directions to The Washington Mayfair Hotel. We took a left out of the Tube and walked down Piccadilly Place. After a bit we figured out we were going the wrong way. We finally found the hotel, checked in, then ventured out for lunch. We found Pret A Manger, a great lunch spot. Then we roamed down Piccadilly Place. There was a protest march for vegans. Very orderly. They closed down one lane of traffic, and the police were there. Went into St James Church, and spoke with a jewelry vendor outside the church. Nice guy. The church inside was beautiful. Stained glass from floor to ceiling behind the altar, and there was a second level above the floor pews. After a brief rain shower we wandered around Trafalgar Square. Stopped in a Tesco for some snacks, and saw a lady dressed in gold. There was a separate line if you wanted tobacco or lottery tickets. We went by the grounds were the Queen reviews the horse guard, and then walked through St James Park. We headed back to Pret A Manger to get a bite for supper, and then back to the hotel.

We went to bed at 7:00 PM, and woke up at 6:00 AM when the alarm went off. 11,185 steps for the day.